a son like mine

Fall 2013 272Having a son like mine means…

…making sure that the fettuccine alfredo he ordered is not garnished with parsley, but is completely homogenous in color.

…finding out if a medicine can be flavored before the doctor prescribes it.

…carving out plenty of time for homework and sometimes writing the answers for him.

…explaining figures of speech or euphemisms.

…knowing that a bath may invoke a tantrum if he sees a speck of dirt in the tub and perceives it to be a bug.

…not being offended if he smells everything on his plate before trying it.

…macaroni and cheese is always on the grocery list.

…picking out pants at the store that pull up and down easily without a lot of buttons, snaps or fasteners.

…understanding that there is a difference between “Toy Story”, “Toy Story 2″ and “Toy Story 3″, and not being offended if you are corrected by him.

…being corrected…a lot.

…accepting the fact that hugs may be one-sided sometimes, but he wants them just the same.

…planning ahead and sharing the plan the night before so everyone is on the same page.

…having an expert in the house when it comes to remembering which team is playing which team in football, what the player’s number is and who won the last time the two teams faced off.

…never having to wonder what he really thinks.

…laughing every day as honest observations are revealed and shared about the world around us.

…resting in the confidence that “I love you” is always, always sincere.

…loving someone more than you ever thought you could.

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