A New Dream

It was my second day of in-service for Katy ISD.  As I sat with the other four “new” teachers at lunch, our stories flowed freely as we went through the process of getting to know each other.

“I was teaching in Austin”, once teacher shared.

“I had a great choir in Dallas”, another continued.

When it was my turn, I told them about my eleven years away from the public school classroom. I told them about my last two years, teaching private lessons – having my own schedule – making my own rules.

“Sounds like my DREAM job!” one of them exclaimed.

“It was my dream job too…” I remember when I started Melanie’s Melody.  The joy of being my own boss was staggering! My days would be shaped by my own hands. I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember my overwhelming sense of pride looking out at the room filled with students and their families at my recitals. ”I did this!” I would think to myself. It was awesome.

It wasn’t without a price, however. I thought about my busy afternoons, my long commutes, the time away from Julia and Zeke. I thought about my sweet mom -  having to act as disciplinarian instead of being free to be “Nana”, helping with homework, dealing with after school emotional melt-downs, having to be the ”bad guy”. This new job means I will not only be in the role of teacher…I will be fully in the role of mom. This job will put us all in the same place every day! I will have the opportunity to teach both of my children’s music classes. I will be Julia’s choir director! We will have the same schedule and the same holidays. I can help with homework. I can make real dinners. We will be together!

I smiled and continued “…but I guess my dreams changed.”

Funny how life does that.

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