A Lapse in Motherhood

It’s completely understandable how it happened. That’s what I am telling myself.

Ever since the day that the invitation came in the mail, inviting me to be a speaker at the annual Pepperdine University Lectureship in May, I have been on cloud nine. After all, this was a tremendous honor! On the tails of my book being published in April, this will be a double-whammy of joy for me. Besides having the opportunity to speak, I will get to be in the mix with other wonderful, more experienced speakers, many of whom I have admired for years. One of those being my own dad!

Since accepting the invitation, my mind has been racing thinking through what I might focus on for my class. I could share pictures to go along with my stories. . . and there was a great song that I could share, if it fits my theme. . . Logistically, there was a lot to consider as well. But, most of that is taken care of by the university. Pepperdine provides a meal ticket for the speakers as well as housing and transportation to and from the airport. I would just need to save the money for my plane fare. And there was plenty of time to do that.

I was taken by surprize when my dad’s email came, generously offering and insisting that I “allow” him to cover my air fare.

“We are going to leave on Tuesday, fly into L.A. and then come back home on Saturday”, he shared in his email.

Anticipation and gratitude filled my heart, and I responded to his email immediately.

“I will just do that too then! Please include me in your plans.” I copied Michael on the whole exchange and went to bed.

This morning I cheerfully followed up with Michael. “Did you get my email?”

“Yes, I did”, he said, with a strangely puzzled look on his face.

“So, I am going to leave on Tuesday and be back on Saturday”, I reiterated.

He looked concerned. “That’s all great,” he continued, “but. . .



What could the “but” possibly be? It was all taken care of now!



He continued, “. . . but, what are we going to do with the kids?”

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